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BCN Telecom Integrated Access Services

Dynamic Voice and Data for Businesses Large and Small

BCN Telecom offers a complete set of bundled, integrated voice and data services for businesses ranging in size from small to enterprise. BCN's integrated services provide the efficiency of having voice and data through an integrated T1 solution, accommodating voice, data and Internet access, and eliminating the need for different data and voice vendors and connections. BCN's integrated T1 service is a reliable, high quality, fast and cost effective solution. Whether you prefer dynamic or channelized delivery for your integrated lines, BCN has a solution for you.

We also offer a range of options customized to meet the needs of your business -- from 3 to 24 lines and high speed internet, line side service and trunks. Dynamic bandwidth allows for Internet access and other data applications, when voice lines are not in use, providing you with greater flexibility, improved bandwidth efficiency and increased operational productivity.

Integrated Voice & Data will help your business:

  • Reduce costs, add features and increase flexibility without needing to replace your phone system. The service works with your existing PBX or IP PBX
  • Save up to 25% over traditional phone service
  • Take advantage of consistent bandwidth with matching upload/download speeds
  • Keep more bandwidth free for data
  • Deploy the latest IP-based, converged services and real-time applications
  • Leverage BCN's comprehensive set of voice and data solutions delivered on a unified platform with worldwide coverage

Features include:

  • Traditional analog business lines with two-way calling
  • A range of features available, including: Caller ID, Direct Inward/outward Dialing, Hunting, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and so much more..
  • Improve access to all employees, reaching them directly without having to go through a switchboard or auto attendant.
  • SIP handoff for IP PBX equipment
  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth between voice and data
  • Ability to add MPLS capabilities
  • BCN's superior service - domestically located, single point of contact support
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